Born a Capricorn on 19th January, Fakhr e Alam a.k.a Falam celebrates an illustrious show business career spanning over almost 2 decades. He is a singer, musician, lyricist, actor and anchor. He has become an iconic figure for his generation of entertainers.

His career started at the age of 17, when he blasted onto the music scene with his super hit one of a kind Bhangra Rap 1. His career catapulted to dizzying heights and his journey took him from music to films to Television hosting.

Fakhr e Alam a.k.a Falam has been recognized for his work in the entertainment business, respected for his dedicated and outstanding philanthropic efforts and is dubbed a hard working businessman ready to take risks, and has established a regional group of companies in the Middle East.

He has reached where very few entertainers and celebrities have succeeded to go before him. Fakhr e Alam a.k.a Falam is your guy next door, who wears his heart on his sleeve, walks with pride and loves to bring smiles on peoples faces. Welcome to what is just a small glimpse of his world.

'Welcome to my dot com world. I am honored by your visit. I hope you find everything you are looking for on this website. My management works around the clock to ensure that the website is kept up to date and runs smoothly.

It has been a great journey to where we have arrived. My songs, shows, movies and awards mean nothing if it wasn’t for all of you. I am always grateful for your support and encouragement. I am not a star, I am just a person who is very lucky to be part of so many beautiful lives through his work. This journey will continue with your love and affection. There is a lot more to do, a lot more to share so let the music play. Stay safe wherever your journey takes you.'

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